Dimamiel Malia Inn
Dimamiel Malia Inn
Dimamiel Malia Inn
Dimamiel Malia Inn
Dimamiel Malia Inn
Dimamiel Malia Inn

About Malia

We welcome you to the famous Municipality of Malia and we thank you for choosing our beautiful area to spend days of resting, entertainment and escape from the daily pressure and routine.

Four districts constitute our Municipality: Malia, Stalis, Mohos and Krasi. In Malia and Stalis there are hundreds of qualitative hotel lodgings, tourist enterprises, commercial shops, cafeterias and restaurants for you to satisfy your wishes and needs. In the central street of Malia there are five (5) banking shops available and one in Stalis in order to facilitate your banking transactions. You can swim with safety in the clean seawaters of our sandy beaches and take part in a lot of sea sports. You can visit the old city of Malia and walk down the small graphic and paved with flagstones streets where you can see all white houses with courtyards and flowers.

You will meet hospitable people, historical churches, quiet traditional taverns with Cretan delicious food, cafeterias, bars and many shops for your purchases. The Palace of Malia, the third largest Minoan Palace in Crete, was first built about in 1900 BC. The King Sarpidon, who was the brother of Minoas, built it, reputedly. Visiting hours to the Archaeological Place of Malia: from 08:15 until 15:00 daily. At the south side of the palace is the church of "Prophet Elias". This place is offered for charming sunsets and panoramic photos.

The fertile field of Malia produces a lot of agricultural products and the famous bananas. In your excursions you can visit through safe roads the mountainous villages of our Municipality, Mohos and Krasi.
Otherwise, you can go up through the traditional pathways from Malia and Stalis smelling the perfume of the Cretan flora.

In the center of Mohos you can see the beautiful square with the major temple of "Evagelistria", restaurants and commercial shops are around the square as well. Under the shadow of old trees you can taste Cretan dishes, listen to the live Cretan music and walk in the village, looking at the stone made houses of Cretan architecture and the historical churches.
Moreover, Krasi is a small graphic mountainous village with beautiful green scenery. You can see there a very old plane - tree and the stone made fountains with cold water.

Dear friends,
We believe that with this note we facilitate your stay in our beautiful place!
However, you must remember:
Please lead your vehicles with law speed having always traveling documents with you and pay attention to the road labeling.
We wish you to have fun without forgetting the people around you who want to get rest and work the next day. Quietness is a social good and it is protected by the low.
We really want you to have a nice time with us and return home with the best memories.
We will be glad to see you again!

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